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Treat KNEE pain/SLIP DISC/LIGAMENT INJURY/FROZEN shoulder, Migraine, Cervical spondylitis, leg pain, heel pain , Ankle sprain, plantar fascitis, varicose veins, back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, Carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, numbness in hands and legs, alignment problem in neck and lower back, jaw pain , sleep problem, morning stiffness in neck and back headache, without OPERATION.
Advance form of best chiropractic and osteopathic treatment for spinal problem including slip disc, disc bulge, disc herniation, prolapsed disc, sciatica, cervical radiculopathies, cervical spondylitis, lumbar radiculopathies. Best symptoms outcomes with minimal and expertise procedure with qualified and experienced doctors hands gives best results.
Get rid of stiff neck, stiff back, weakness in hands and foot while walking, difficulty in walking, cant stand for long and can’t sit for long, difficulty in turning in bed and pain in the back in the morning. Get your problem evaluated and get proper treatment for long standing body pain and joint issues in just few days at SMB SPINE AND JOINT CLINIC
MUSCLE TWITCH IN THE NECK AND LOWER BACK (CHADAK) AND QUICK FIX WITH MANUAL THERAPY Muscle spasm is tightness of the muscle, which is basically a protective phenomenon. In common words its called muscle twitch/catch(chadak).when ever a person does a sudden movement and muscle has to contract (in action to produce movement) some time muscles are not ready to do that particular action. Thus at that time to prevent the damage to that particular muscle and other structures, muscle undergoes spasm. Most common areas where more of twisting movements occurs eg. Neck and back. Neck is mostly involved in rotation movements and back while rotation and forward bending. Activity of daily living where we get muscle twitch are, sleeping on high pillow, sleeping on one side full night, early in the morning getting up abruptly, watching tv in lying position, using mobile phone while on scooter or in car, prompt movement to one side when someone calls you, lifting heavy object, looking to your left or right when you are in office, pulling out object from the shelf below or above while seated on chair, changing the gas cylinder, getting up from the sitting position, are the most common situation where individual gets the muscle catch either in neck or back. Muscle spasm(catch) is sometime so severe that it may remain for several days and sometime for a day or two when its mild to moderate. When its severe individual is not able to move neck or back, all the neck and back movements are painful. Whenever there is a catch in the neck or back individual feels following 1.Heaviness around neck or back. 2.Catching type of pain. 3.Stiffness of neck or back(cant move the neck or back)in one position. 4. Hardening of muscle around neck and shoulder/back and waist. TREATMENT 1. Hot fermentation. 2. Relaxation and avoid exertion. 3. To correct the alignment of the muscle with gentle mobilization (Manual therapy). 4. Do basic mobilisation exercises as guided by physical therapist. Manual therapy: It is a hands on therapy by which highly trained professionals examine the compromised structures(muscles, nerves and joints) manually and adjust the muscle and bone alignments with hands(manually)and fix the problems in fraction of time.
*12 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Emotional States* According to: Psychologist:- Let’s take a look at what pain in a particular area of your body indicates: *Head* Headaches can be caused by stress life. If someone has chronic headaches she/he needs to grab some time for themselves on daily basis. Relaxing may help you to relieve your body from the head pain. *Neck* Neck pain implies the need to forgive. It may be to forgive yourself or to forgive some other person. It is very important to focus on things that you love about yourself or what others love in you. *Shoulders* Pain in the shoulders is sign that person carries a heavy emotional burden. Shoulders carry everything. To solve this problem share the load with friends or family. *Upper Back* Upper back pain manifests lack of emotional support. Probably the person is holding back feelings or doesn’t feel appreciated. Just talk about your feelings with your partner or close friend. *Lower Back* Pain in the lower back shows that person has financial worries. Sit down and focus on managing money. *Elbows* Elbow and arm pain signifies a lack of flexibility. Try not to resist the natural changes in your life. *Hands* Pain in the hands may be caused by a lack of friends. Try to meet new people. *Hips* Fear of change, moving or waiting on a big decision can cause the hip pain. Make the changes step by step. *Knees* Pain in the knee is a sign of high self-esteem. Maybe you should try to do some volunteering work and remember no one is perfect. *Calves* Calf pain is caused by stress, emotional tension or jealousy. Maybe it is time to let go the jealousy or any big stressor in your life. *Ankles* Pain in the ankle means that you need more pleasure in your life. Try to enjoy the little things and every moment in your life. *Feet* Foot pain occurs if you fight with depression. Depression is a specific disease, but for a start try to find a new hobby or just adopt a pet. Friends this concept is scientifically proven so before adopting medicine or concern for the doctor, give some time and observe your thought heals you automatically.